• Make Dodgeball Italy become the official Italian dodgeball federation
  • To become the only reference for international and world events
  • To increase and improve national and international events
  • To create a unique national championship
  • To create professional courses for players, coaches and referees
  • To promote local, regional and national teams
  • To spread and develop the sport in the whole country
  • To meet and share our passion and our work with as many international teams as possible


  • To treat correcly and equally all players, no matter the origins, believes and gender they have
  • To be ethically and morally correct to all members and follow the italian laws and rules
  • To care for all our events with the maximum professionality, providing the support of the best coaches and experts in the Country.
  • Composed of volunteers who believe and help in the improvement of the sport
  • To give the most valuable players the possibility to confront themselves in national and international championships of the highest value
  • To show a fair judgement of the improvements of all players through punctual technical judgements and statistics values